“Once you start rescuing animals, in my case it’s always been dogs, you come to quickly understand how important it is.” - Trisha Yearwood

A Passion for Pets

When it comes to being a pet parent or having a family dog, there’s no question that you want what’s best for your “furever” friend. Out of a love for dogs and a history of rescuing herself, Trisha Yearwood created the Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection to offer products that make a difference in the lives of your pet and the lives of pets waiting for a family of their own.

Dogs were true companions for Trisha and her family. Her dad always had his hunting dogs by his side for those early morning bird hunting trips, and Trisha witnessed the special bond between rescue dogs and their owners since the day their first rescue came into their lives. When she was on the road, she had a rescue companion of her own who made quite the impact in her life:“ I jokingly said she was the longest lasting relationship I’d ever had...which at the time, was not a joke!” All her life, dogs have ruled the roost in her home, and she’s proud to bring a collection of pet items into your home now too.

Trisha Yearwood is on a mission to serve the pet-friendly community with quality products that you'll feel good about giving to your furry family member. All TY Pet items are designed thoughtfully and built to last thanks to durable construction and exceptional quality.


Peanut butter, cheese & bacon or roasted duck - what more could a dog want in a treat? The Trisha Yearwood Collection includes three flavors of crunchy, 100% all-natural dog biscuits. If your dog prefers a softer treat, the pumpkin-flavored dog chews could be a better choice for your pup.


Grooming Supplies

After a long day at the dog park or rolling around in some mud puddles in the backyard, your dog will likely need a bath. The Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection offers several products for a good scrub down including oatmeal shampoo, tropical shampoo & conditioner, tea tree itch relief shampoo, and puppy shampoo.When bath time is over, detangler spray or dog perfume are the perfect finishing touches for an easy brush of their with a fresh, clean scent.Waterless dry shampoo for dogs is also an option for those days you don’t quite have enough time for a full-on hose down. Grooming wipes and paw balm may also be a great option for a busy schedule.


Collars & Leashes

Whether you’re looking for a durable, waterproof collar and leash set for an adventurous pup or a padded leather collar for a snuggly dog who loves to be a homebody, the Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection has options.


Bedding & Throws

In addition to providing the basic care needs for your furry family member, the Trisha Yearwood Collection wants to spoil your pup with high quality, comfortable bedding. These beds won’t stick out like a sore thumb in your home with our neutral colors and materials either. Choose from a wicker bed, braided bed, or outdoor blanket for your pet to sleep soundly at nap time (or nights they’re not sleeping in the bed with you). Don’t want pet hair on the furniture?Your dog can cuddle up on a TY throw draped over the couch or get bundled up underneath it.



We want to make your pets’ lives better, but we also want to make your life easier as the parent! That’s why the Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection also includes a travel bag, travel backpack, and carrier backpack so that you can throw all your pet essentials into a bag and be on your way.These pet travel bags are the best for busy schedules, road trips, or a visit to the dog park.


About Trisha Yearwood

Following three decades in the spotlight, numerous GRAMMY®, CMA® and ACM® Awards to her name, countless multi-platinum certifications, and millions of fans entertained, the same passion still motivates and moves Trisha Yearwood.The singer, actress, author, chef, TV personality, and entrepreneur derives deep fulfillment from simply walking up to a microphone and pouring her heart out by way of a celebrated powerhouse voice. At the same time, she remains a timeless entertainer whose influence permeates multiple facets of culture.

“Rescue is about education, encouraging spaying and neutering, responsibility, and most importantly, love.”