From the wide-open countryside in Oklahoma to southern living in Tennessee, Trisha Yearwood has always been a fan of rescuing dogs no matter the location. Her rescue dogs tend to “find” her wherever she is. Her current two rescues, Emmy and Millie, were no different.


Trisha came across Emmy wandering the side of the road. With a dead bird in her mouth, the dog approached her without hesitation. As long as a stray dog will come to Trisha, she says she’ll take it with her! She drove the dog back home and handed her off to her husband, Garth, and left for Zumba as she hollered, “I’ll find her a home when I get back!” Sure enough, she had already found her a home as soon as she’d dropped her off.

By the time Trisha had returned, Garth was ready to introduce Emmy to the other dogs to see how they would get along. Trisha knew Emmy was a rockstar when she realized just how much of a “tough chick” she was, even just knowing her for a brief amount of time. She knew she’d fit right in with the rest of the family.


After Trisha and Garth had moved to Nashville, it came time to say goodbye to their eldest dog, Dottie. They knew Emmy would be lonely without another furry friend, so they began the search for a rescue from a shelter. Trisha’s friend worked at a local rescue organization, Maury County Animal Services. It seemed like the perfect place to just take a peek at the website and kick off her search.

She found a picture of Millie on the rescue’s website; and thought to herself, “That kind of looks like she could be Emmy’s sister.” As Garth glanced over her shoulder at the photo, he told her, “That’s our dog.” Trisha thought he was joking, but she soon realized his seriousness and decided to take a trip down to the shelter as soon as the doors opened the day after Thanksgiving. She was first in line that day! Garth had always told her they’d know a dog belonged to them when they saw one - and that was absolutely true for Millie.

Part of the Family

Soon after Trisha and Garth brought home their new eleven-pound puppy, Emmy quickly welcomed her with open paws. Emmy slipped into the older sister role quite well, showing Millie the ropes. It was not long until Millie made her presence known. Trisha describes Millie as an escape artist, intelligently figuring out how to get under the metal fence and out of the yard while stealthily returning before Trisha even notices. She describes one story of Emmy following her outside of their fenced-in yard through the hole Millie had dug, but Emmy didn’t know how to get back into the yard. A quick check of the security camera revealed just how smart (and sneaky) Millie was to find her way in and out of such a tight squeeze under the fence.

Trisha takes her pups on a four-mile or so hike every day that Garth calls their time to “read the news” - in other words, smell every blade of grass and scent that has crossed their path since the previous day. Trisha loves to let her dogs “be dogs,” giving them space and time to explore and be happy.

Emmy is now about eight years old, while Millie is almost two and a half years old. Both of these rescues found their forever home with Trisha and Garth, and no pup or human could be happier.


“You can save a life, have a new best friend and give a homeless pet a forever home at the same time.” 
- Trisha Yearwood


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