How to Prepare for a New Dog at Home

Congratulations! You’ve decided to take on a new responsibility and add a new furry friend to your family. We know you’ll want to make them feel right at home from the day they step their paws in the door. By now you’ve probably read through so many materials online and heard from all of your friends about what to expect, but you’re overwhelmed with the amount of information available to you. We’re here to help you with a checklist of what to have ready before you bring your four-legged friend home for the first time.

A Designated Place to Sleep

Establishing a place for your dog to sleep at night is a must. Especially if you’re adopting a puppy, it would be a good idea to consider purchasing a dog crate so they don’t get into trouble around the house while you’re trying to get a full night’s rest too. Even if you’re adopting an older dog, it may be good to start the dog in the crate for awhile until he or she gets comfortable in a new environment.

When it’s nap time during the day for your new pup, you’ll want a place for him to rest apart from his crate as well. Consider purchasing a comfy dog bed that’s properly sized for your pet. The Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection has several options for your dog to lounge comfortably. Shop for wicker basket, braided, and outdoor dog beds here.

If you’re willing to share a little space on the couch with your furry friend, you may want to lay down a blanket for them to prevent any pet hair from being on the furniture. They’ll love a cozy throw to curl up and take a morning break from playtime or an afternoon nap. Shop waterproof dog throws from the Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection here.

Food & Treats

Your dog’s going to need the right diet to help them grow and stay healthy.Talk with a vet to get their expertise on what brand of dog food will be best for your dog’s breed, size, weight, and lifestyle.You’ll want to set aside a place for your new pup to eat so that they know where to find their food and water bowls at all times.

There are so many dog treats when you walk down the aisle at the store and scroll online that it can be hard to decide what’s actually good for your dog. Dog treats in the Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection are 100% all-natural and grain-free.Your dog will love each of the three tasty flavors too! Give our dog chews a try also if your pet likes something a little softer to chew. Shop here!

Grooming Supplies

Let’s be honest - your dog’s bound to make a mess or start to smell a little stinky at some point. Mud baths aren’t just for humans! It’s important to give them a bath regularly based on the length of their coat and other needs depending on their breed. Have a few things on hand for bath time: dog or puppy shampoo, detangling spray, pet cologne, grooming wipes, paw balm, nail clippers, scissors, and a brush. Many of these items can be found in the Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection here!

Leash & Collar

Buying a collar is essential! You’ll want your dog to wear a collar with a dog tag with your pet’s name and your contact information just in case it gets loose. Are you adopting a puppy? Buy an adjustable collar that he or she can grow into over time. Having one that has a snap for an easy release is ideal too if you’re taking it off and on constantly. Adopting an older dog? You might want  to invest in a collar that’s more durable and will last longer, like a leather one. The Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection has multiple options for whatever type of collar or leash you’re looking for.

Dog Toys

One of the last necessities we’d like to mention (although certainly not the least important) are dog toys. Your pup will need plenty of exercise and toys that will help stimulate their brain and maybe even help with dental health like bones and other chew toys. Just purchase a few at first to get a better idea of the type of toys your dog likes to play with: rope toys, plush toys, indestructible toys, bones, antlers, etc. Once you’ve discovered your doggo’s favorites, you can start to expand his toy collection if you’d like.

Love & Patience

The last item on our list is one that you cannot buy in the store: love and patience. Your new dog is going to need time to get acclimated to their new environment, so it’s going to take some patience from you as the new pet parent to make sure they’re adjusting comfortably. Training your dog is always a good investment if you have a family or just want a well-behaved, people-friendly dog. When you’re rescuing or adopting a dog, it’s a big responsibility; but it’s so worth it in the end.