How To Help Control Your Dog's Shedding

There’s nothing you love more than your dog, but there’s not much worse than dog hair, are we right?! Even if your dog has a shorthair coat, they’re still likely to shed a few hairs year-round or seasonally. There are several ways to help manage shedding when it’s too much to handle. Here are a few suggestions we have to help:

Brush your dog’s coat.

Your dog’s coat will determine what brush you need to use for your dog. Typically, a longer coat needs longer bristles, and shorter-haired dogs need a brush with stiff bristles. If your dog has a curly coat, try a wire brush or a slick one that helps with detangling.

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Give your pup a bath.

Bathtime doesn’t just help with muddy paws and stinky fur. A good ol’ bath can also help with shedding. Washing your dog regularly can remove dead hair or loosen your dog’s undercoat. Check with your vet or groomer to see how often you should be washing your dog.

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Keep an eye on your dog’s health.

When you’re a dog owner, your dog’s health becomes just as important as your own. That includes monitoring their nutrition, their water intake, their level of physical activity, and other contributing factors. All of these can affect their coat, and in turn, their level of shedding. Make sure their diet is balanced and their water intake is an appropriate amount for their size and weight. Of course, a balanced diet can include a treat or two! Shop for all-natural dog treats and chews from Trisha Yearwood Collection here: