Dog ownership isn’t all fun and games (it mostly is though, don’t get us wrong). Some of the pet parent responsibilities aren’t so enjoyable in the moment, but your relationship with your dog will benefit greatly from some devoted time and energy to training. Here are a few tips we have for training dogs of all ages.

Start Training Soon

Whether you’ve just rescued a senior dog or you adopted a brand new puppy, it’s always a good idea to start training your dog as soon as you bring them home. It’ll take a little time for them to get comfortable with you and accustomed to their new surroundings, but start introducing them to basic commands early on so that you can build trust over time.

Use Incentives

For your dog to listen to you, you’ll want to incentivize them with rewards that they actually want. Find a certain treat or special snack that they absolutely love! It’ll make training that much easier. Using treats that are only used during training time also helps raise the stakes so that they’re even more attentive to the commands you give them.

Give Them Praise

Your dog wants nothing more than your affection and approval. Giving them positive praise when they accomplish a new trick or command will reinforce the idea that they’re doing something right. Instead of punishing them when they don’t do something well, focus on giving them extra praise when they do something correctly.

Be Consistent

When you're training a puppy or a dog of any age, be consistent. Practice makes perfect (well, as close as you can get). Make sure you're spending adequate time each day with your new pet to reinforce your relationship and strengthen their memory while they’re learning new things.

Introduce Distractions

As your dog gets better at basic commands at home without interruptions, start working on training them in new environments where they may be more likely to become distracted. Doing so will only help to sharpen their attention span and keep the trust between you and your dog.

Not every training session is going to go smoothly. It takes practice and patience to form a relationship between you and your dog that only the two of you can have. Reach out to your vet or a trusted local dog trainer for other tips that may be helpful in your training.

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